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Best-Selling Handpan

Chaya® handpan drums are internationally renowned for their extremely high quality and stability. The perfect tuning, pleasant resonance, and warm, rich sound also make this instrument a favourite among famous artists.

Our unique building procedure together with the best materials, gives the Chaya® handpan a fine touch sensitivity and high tonal field stability. The handpan is suitable for both beginners and advanced players. With out our orientation session, you have the opportunity to find the Chaya® handpan that suits you perfectly!

The Chaya® handpan is frequently used in the world of drums and percussion but also fits very well into sound therapy and meditation.

Why is the Chaya® handpan so beloved?

Registered in Europe

Chaya® is the European registered trademark of handpan builder Rastislav Belko and the owner of the HandPanShop, Henk-Jan Pelle. A collaboration between two dedicated handpan enthusiasts. Read the extraordinary story of the origin of the Chaya® handpan, starting in a Slovakian garage with homemade tools and a pizza oven, culminating in a special encounter between Rastislav and Henk-Jan and the international recognition that Chaya® eventually received.

High-Quality Chaya® Handpan

When building a Chaya® handpan, we make any compromises on material and production processes.

International artists who play the Chaya®

Our Chaya® handpan is played by renowned artists all over the world. Performers like Loris Lombardo, Martin Verdonk, Marko Bandera, and the Dutch ensemble of players, including Marcel van Cleef, Femke Krone, and Boudine van Slobbe, known from Slagerij van Kampen.

Chaya® Handpan Scales

The Chaya® handpan is available in various scales.

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Questions about the Chaya® handpan?

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Chaya® handpan Google Review Boudine van Slobbe:

"I really love the Chaya handpan. For a few years now, I have been an endorser and have played it at performances with Slagerij Van Kampen, at Ecstatic Dance Events, and Sound Healings. But also, just at home. It's a robust handpan on which you can play very sensitively and meditatively but also percussively. You can really rock out with it, which I really like. So, I always carry it with me everywhere, and it stays in perfect condition. It's really a great handpan that I'm still very happy with."

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