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Why is the Chaya® handpan so popular?

Every Chaya® handpan is crafted meticulously, passionately, and with expertise. We make no compromises when it comes to the materials and various production processes. Each handpan is entirely handmade. Only the handpans that truly meet our standards bear the Chaya® brand.

Every Chaya® handpan is unique

Our craftsmanship ensures consistent quality, but certainly not uniformity. Each hammer strike, used to create the handpan, influences its individual character. As a result, each instrument obtains its own unique sound and resonance.

Material of the Chaya® handpan

Chaya® handpans distinguishes itself, due to the thickness and diameter of the metal used to build it. We deliberately use "deep-drawn shells," ensuring uniform metal thickness of 1.0 mm, in contrast to most other shells that have a greater thickness in the centre than at the edges.
You have the choice of a Chaya® handpan made of Ember steel or nitrided steel.

Chaya® handpan made of Ember steel

The Ember steel we use is of very high quality, meeting all requirements. It produces a beautiful round sound, perfect resonance, exceptional clarity, stable tones, and offers rust protection.

Sound of the Chaya® Ember Steel handpan

Chaya® handpans made of Ember steel possess a rich resonance, with a beautiful clear tone as the foundation. At the same time, there's a fine deep bass. These handpans provide a rich and enchanting array of sounds.

Chaya® handpan made of nitrided steel

We use the best nitrided steel available, produced in a unique process involving gas nitriding and an optimized post-treatment process. This steel is highly resistant to rust while maintaining a balanced resonance.

Sound of the Chaya® Nitrided Steel handpan

Chaya® handpans made of nitrided steel have a defined and focused sound, with a deep and grounded tone at the base, complemented by fresh and sparkling overtones.

Special Ring

With every Chaya® handpan, we provide a special rubber ring, that allows you to subtly influence the sound and resonance. Additionally, the ring offers the instrument extra protection.

Unique Nitriding Process

In addition to the steel thickness, nitriding contributes to the uniqueness of the Chaya® handpan. Our nitriding recipe results in the characteristic beautiful tonal colour and pleasant resonance. Simultaneously, this thermochemical process influences the material's shape and wear resistance. This makes the Chaya® handpan more resistant to rust, dirt, and vigorous playing.

Specifications and Customization

Chaya® handpans come standard with 9 or 10 tone fields, including the bass tone in the centre. Upon request, we can create additional tones on the top or bottom. The possibilities depend on the scale and chosen metal thickness. Feel free to contact us to discuss all options.

Chaya® handpan Google review Frank Niele: 

(Google Google translated from Dutch)  ““They gave the consultation. They did great, I thought. He showed nitrided, blue steel and stainless steel pans and explained the differences. It quickly became clear to me that my preference was for nitrated. After the choices for nitrided and 1.00 mm, the question was which key and from which maker. They played on different pans and always responded very well to my questions and comments. We ended up with the Chaya B-Kurd 1.00 mm. Despite the involvement of the Handpanshop with Chaya, He made no attempt to move me in the Chaya direction. In short, my buying experience at the Handpanshop has been a very good one.”

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