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Finding a handpan that suits you perfectly and will bring you years of joy, can be quite a challenge. That's why we've developed special orientation sessions in our HandPanShop in Bunnik (near Utrecht, The Netherlands). It's an extensive form of guidance in order to help you purchasing a handpan. An experienced handpan player takes 1.5 hours to help you find the handpan that's a perfect match for you. 

Choosing the Scale of Chaya Handpan

If you prefer to do some preliminary research, on this page you can find all information on the different scales of Chaya® handpans that we sell. Beneath and in our webshop, you'll find videos where you can listen to the different scales. Please note, that this is just to give you an idea! The sound quality and resonance often can’t be heard well in videos. Various factors, including the device used to listen to the recording, can influence the sound. 

How Is a Scale Constructed?

The scale (also called tuning) is determined by the combination of different notes present on the handpan. There are many scales: cheerful, dreamy, meditative, lively, exotic, and so on. Scales can be broadly categorized as minor, major, African and Oriental. In this blog, "Choosing the Right Handpan Scale" you'll find a lot of information about various scales.

Available Scales of Chaya®

The following scales are the most common and are part of our regular assortment. 
If you'd like a different scale, please contact us for a custom scale.

Chaya® F- BigBear 1,00 mm

Chaya® D-Kurd-9 1,00 mm

Chaya® C-Aegean 1,00 mm

Chaya® D-Celtic 1,00 mm

Chaya® C-Amara 1,00 mm

Chaya® C# AnnaZiska 1,00 mm

Chaya® E-Kurd 1,00 mm

Chaya® C# Amara 1,00 mm

Chaya® G-Oxalis 1,00 mm

Chaya® B-Kurd 1,00 mm

Chaya® C# Om in 432hz  1,00 mm

Chaya® D-Hijaz 1,00 mm

Google Review Chaya® handpan:

(Google translation from Dutch)
Thomas Kwakernaat: “The service and reception are nice, you get plenty of space to ask questions and get honest answers. The Chaya that I had made in 432 Hz is in my favorite key of C harmonic minor. With the new type of steel that was used, I think the Handpan sounds significantly better than my original pan. Thnx!!!”

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