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Optimal care and protection of the Chaya® handpan

A good handpan like the Chaya® can withstand a hit quite a bit. So, there is no need to handle it extremely cautiously! However, a good protection and care for the instrument, can significantly extend its lifespan.

Below, you'll find some useful tips.

Protection of the Chaya® handpan

Preventing impact on your Chaya® handpan
Avoiding impact due to bumps or falling is crucial to keeping the tone fields in good condition. Always store your handpan in a safe place and use a sturdy display stand or a standing stand. See the various options in the online store of our HandPanShop.

Prevent contamination of your Chaya® handpan
Certain substances, such as salt and acids, can damage your handpan. Therefore, always wash your hands before playing to prevent contamination.

Proper use of your Chaya® handpan
Use your handpan as intended, with your fingers. Avoid playing with flat hands, as you would with a djembe. Using sticks can damage the surface and affect the tone. Also, remove rings and other metal objects from your hands. Be cautious with (small) children, as even a metal spoon can detune a tone field if struck hard against the handpan.

Ensure a suitable climate
To prevent from rusting, do not store your handpan in humid conditions for extended periods. Here are some tips:

Caring for your Chaya® handpan

Oil treatment
To maintain the appearance and sound of your handpan, we advise to clean and treat it with a natural oil after playing. The oil protects the material from dirt, acids, and grease. Follow these steps, and do not exert too much pressure on the handpan:

Suitable oil for the Chaya® handpan
Use natural oil that contains no aggressive substances such as turpentine. Chaya® handpan oil is a good option and is available in our webshop. When you purchase a Chaya® handpan in our store, you will receive a bottle of oil for free oil, as well as a suitable cleaning cloth.

Cleaning and removing stains from the Chaya® handpan
Dirt, stains or old oil residues can be removed with alcohol (70-96%), available from the drugstore or pharmacy (Alcohol Ketonatus). Then, treat the handpan again with oil following the instructions above.

Maintenance of different metal types Chaya® handpan

The above advice applies to all handpans. Below is additional information for specific types of metal:

Chaya® Nitrided Steel

This steel is well protected against external influences, including rust. Nitriding also has a positive effect on the timbre.

Chaya® Ember Steel

This type of stainless steel reacts more quickly to dirt and moisture, so we recommend cleaning the handpan, after playing, with alcohol. Subsequently also apply protective oil. The stains that might occur are only optical. They do not affect the durability or sound of the handpan. All Ember Steel Chaya® handpans discolor slightly over time. This is harmless, and most people consider it beautiful, referring to it as patina.

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