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How do you maintain your Chaya® Handpan?
We have created a comprehensive guide that precisely describes how to best maintain and protect your Chaya® Handpan. Please, visit the Chaya® Handpan maintenance page for more information.

What are the costs of Chaya® brand handpans?
The price for a Chaya® Handpan starts at €2,250. The costs of a handpan drum depend on factors such as the material used and the quality of the builder. PLEASE NOTE: Less expensive handpans often do not have the desired tuning and may be less stable and durable.

Where is the Chaya® store located?
The Chaya® Handpan exhibition is situated in the HandPanShop in Bunnik (Utrecht, NL), where you can find a large collection of Chaya® Handpan Drums. You also are able to attend workshops to determine if the handpan is the right instrument for you. If you're considering buying a handpan and are unsure about which model is suitable for you, you can use our detailed purchasing guidance. This includes a 1,5 hour orientation session where an experienced handpan player will assist you in selecting the right Chaya® Handpan.

Why should I buy a Chaya®Handpan?
Chaya® is the most popular handpan brand. International artists choose the Chaya® Handpan for its outstanding quality, perfect tuning, and beautiful sound quality. This handpan is ideal for both beginners and advanced players.

Do you also sell stands for Chaya® Handpans?
Yes, please visit our handpan drum online store for Chaya® to explore all available options.

Which Chaya® Handpan should I buy?
Several factors determine which Chaya® Handpan is the best fit for you and which one is the most appealing to you. Schedule an orientation session, where an experienced handpan player will take the time to help you find the perfect Chaya® Handpan, ensuring you'll enjoy it for years to come. You can also do some preliminary research and learn more about choosing the best handpan here.

Can I learn to play the handpan?
Yes, on our HandPanShop website, we have a dedicated page that informs you about the various ways you can learn to play the handpan.

Where can I attend a handpan workshop?
We organize handpan workshops at our store in Bunnik, near Utrecht. You are very welcome to participate.

Should I buy a Chaya® Handpan or a Chaya® Tongue Drum?
Chaya® does not manufacture tongue drums. We've written an article about the differences between a handpan and a tongue drum, which we also sell at our handpan store in Utrecht. You can read the article: "Should I buy a handpan or a tongue drum?"

Are Chaya® Hand Drums available?
In the music world, various terms are used. Sometimes, an English term for a handpan is a "hand-drum," but this is not accurate. A hand-drum is an entirely different instrument.

Chaya® Hanpdan Google Review Jette Schniering:

(Translated by Google)
Exceptionally pleasant contact! Service of the highest quality. The Chaya Handpan in C-sharp minor is wonderfully crafted and tuned. A true masterpiece! My most heartfelt thanks for this instrument and the entire process.


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